Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Denmark Strait

Captain Arild Hårvik
The Denmark Strait is the body of water that lies between Greenland and Iceland.  It is approximately 480 km long (300 miles)  and 289 km wide (180 miles) wide at the narrowest point.  It can be a rough body of water. Sometimes violent storms rip through the Strait. Sometimes, like today, it can be smooth sailing.  We certainly have lucked out with the weather on this voyage.
Like yesterday today was a good time to enjoy the ride.  To enjoy Fram.  After all, the ship itself is a major part of the holiday.  An excellent way to get to know the ship is to go on a bridge tour.  This morning we were invited to the bridge in language groups where we met Captain Arild Hårvik.  The Captain was a very informative host.  He explained how the navigation process works and also talked about some of the more interesting aspects of the ship's design, such as the bulbous bow and the wing-stabilzers.  
There were also many interesting lectures throughout the day.  
In the afternoon the smell of waffles filled the air!  If you followed your nose, the scent led to deck seven.  Hot delicious waffles with maple syrup, whipped cream and fresh fruit. OMG!  S-o-o-o good!
At 17:30 we were agin invited to the Observation Lounge for the Captain's farewell speech and a farewell cocktail. After the speech, the crew, along with the Expedition Team and the officers joined together in singing some farewell songs.
At 21:45 a charity auction was held in the Observation Lounge to raise funds for the children of Greenland.
It was a very relaxing day but there had also been plenty for us to do!