Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Two days in a row of terrific weather!  Can we make it seven in a row?  Certainly the weather forecast is very good for tomorrow, so let's keep our fingers crossed!  But, let's not be greedy.  One day at a time.  As you can see in the photographs we had the great good fortune of another sunny day today.  It goes without saying that the weather often makes or breaks a holiday.  For example on a cloudy day you can't see the beautiful chocolate coloured cliffs surrounding Qeqertarsuaq. On a sunny day the deep rich browns of the landscape are offset perfectly by bright blue skies. In the spring, vivid splotches of white snow sparkle under the sun and add contrast to the dark tones all around. 

Today we hiked to a lovely waterfall.  We passed through Qeqertarsuaq and out to a beautiful dark sandy beach.  Greenland dogs were tethered high up from the sea.  Partially desicated Ammassat (capelin) lay strewn along the beach near the water's edge.  Grounded icebergs lay not far off shore.  In the distance were hundreds more icebergs in deep enough water to still be floating.  
The hike continued for a short distance along the beach and then led back up on to the road again.  Soon we were walking by a soccer pitch.  A soccer pitch of gravel.  Not a single blade of grass ruined the well manicured gravel field. 2 years ago the national soccer championship of Greenland was held here.  Hundreds of people came by small boats from the surrounding communities to watch the match.
Continuing past the soccer field we spotted a couple of Humpback whales feeding near the icebergs close to shore.  It seemed likely that they were feeding on schools of Ammassat (capelin).  It was an incredible sight! Icebergs, blue skies, deep blue sea and feeding whales.  How could it be more perfect?  
Before long we were following the river that would lead us to the waterfall.   The river was brown and swollen with the spring runoff of meltwater.
We paused at the waterfall for lots of photos and then made our way back to the ship at our leisure. At 15:45 we heaved anchor.
En route to Uummannaq (tomorrow's morning destination) we passed thousands of icebergs.  It seemed an endless conveyor belt of ice.  The late afternoon was filled with lectures about Greenland and cruising through the ice.
After dinner we were entertained by a fashion show put on by a large compliment of the ship's crew, officers and the expedition team.  Even a couple of passengers joined including 3 year old Noemi, the star of the event!