Friday, 1 July 2011

Eqip Sermia

Travelling by ship can be a very relaxing experience.  On Fram there are plenty of places both indoors and out on deck where you can sit by yourself and watch the scenery glide by. The distance from Ukkusissat to the glaciar Eqip Sermia is 212 nautical miles, so we never arrive before 17:00.  That means there is plenty of time during the day to attend lectures, to go on a bridge tour, or on a day like today, sit in the sun and watch icebergs.
Shortly after 15:00 we had a visit by King Neptune.  It was time for everyone to pay the toll to king Neptune for crossing the Arctic Circle.  The toll for crossing the Circle was ice cold water poured down the back of your neck.  I was amazed at how many people lined up for the privilege!

At 18:00 we arrived at Eqip Sermia.  It was another really beautiful day.  We had clear skies once again and virtually no wind.  Once on shore you could climb a small hill for an excellent view of the glacier or you could climb a much higher hill also with a great view of the glacier and the surrounding scenery.

There were a few mosquitoes humming about.  But if you had mosquito repellant or a mosquito net hat they really weren’t much bother at all.
By 21:00 everyone was back on Fram enjoying a delicious Barbeque on deck seven aft.  Great food combined with more amazing scenery!
At 22:00 there was a demonstration of fruit and ice carving in the Observation Lounge.  What a fun way to wrap up a very relaxing day!