Friday, 30 April 2010

Gudhjem/ Bornholm

Travelling in our days is amazing: yesterday Kiel, today we spent in Denmark, tomorrow Poland, later on in Russia, Finland, Sweden and then back to Germany. Imagine how long it took travellers 100 years ago what we are going to experience within the next 12 days?? At the moment we have 229 German speaking passengers on board and the morning was spent with port and excursion presentations. Around noon we reached Bornholm in typical spring weather... A mixture of rain, lots of sunshine- and some wind. The picturesque fishing village with approximately 750 inhabitants did not offer a harbor but we are very  independend with our Polar Cirkle Boats. Once ashore, many went on excursions to see either the exciting Southern part of Bornholm or for a roundtrip. Others explored the town, enjoyed the fantastic views or chatted with the locals that came down to the harbor to greet. And what would be a day in Gudhjem without some typical smoked hering or a icecream?! Too soon it was time to say "good bye" again and off we went- tomorrow it is time for Poland!