Wednesday, 8 July 2009


When one walks around small towns in Greenland such as Itilleq, it is very evident that hunting and fishing are a big part of life. On many front porches you can see large racks of reindeer antlers. The two sets of reindeer skulls and antlers you see in the first photograph were found on the beach.

Wander a little further and discover a house with part of a beautiful walrus skull lying on the porch - right beside the skis and the laundry. On other porches are muskox skulls replete with large curving horns. Still other houses have various sorts of fish hanging to dry in the wind.

In the small harbour small boats come in with the daily catch. In the third photograph you can see a basket of Spotted Wolf Eels and Halibut that were just caught in nearby waters.

Today many of the men had gone out hunting seals. We thought that with so many of the Itilleq soccer team out hunting that this would be a perfect opportunity for Team Fram to steal a win in the weekly soccer match.

Nope. We lose again. Itilleq 4 - Team Fram 1.