Friday, 19 June 2009


Kutaa from Sisimiut!!
Sunny blue skies greeted us as we approached Sisimiut. With 5350 inhabitants this is the second largest "city" in Greenland. The surrounding scenery is impressive with steep rocky cliffs rising straight up from the sea and while the landscape is somewhat monotone there is a riot of colour both from the many bright houses and the hundreds of fishing boats both big and small, surrounding the harbour.
The Arctic Circle, the Polar Circle and the Dog Equator are all different names for the same place. The Dog Equator got its name because in Greenland true Greenlandic sled dogs are only found north of the the Dog Equator! Today we learned that Sisimiut is the southernmost town in Greenland with true sled dogs.
Just before we set sail for Qeqertasuaq we watched Jacob demonstrate his considerable kayaking prowess. We all shivered as we watched Jacob roll his kayak again and again in the frigid polar waters of Sisimiut harbour.