Sunday, 28 June 2009


It is always really wonderful to see our first icebergs as we approach Qeqertarsuaq. Shortly before 9am we were anchored and ready to begin Polar Cirkle boat operations. Once whaling was the number one source of income. Indeed - one must walk under two giant jaw bones from a bowhead whale as you leave the dock to go on shore.

As we set out on our hike through town to the Valley of the Winds, the skies were dull and overcast, threatening rain. On the outskirts of town lies a beautiful beach with a magnificent view of hundreds of icebergs. The dark sandy beach was covered in lots of brash ice and bergy bits providing really amazing photo opportunities.

The rolling landscape of the Valley of the winds was covered in wild flowers. Some of the flowers from last week were starting to fade and new varieties were appearing. Upon arrival at the beautiful waterfall there was a light mist falling but we could see in the distance that blue skies were on the way.
As you can see in the photos, the hike ended in glorious sunshine!

Back on the ship we attended informative lectures from Axel, Andy, Jean Louis and Anne.