Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Eqip Sermia

For the first time this year a ship tries to go into this Fjord. Since it ends at the front of two giant glaciers that are rising high towards the icecap, you never know what is expecting you. And indeed, a thick band of drift ice blocks our way, MS FRAM has to stop. Of course, this doesn't keep us from going outside, especially not after being baptized by Neptune himself! So we bring our Polar Cirkel Boats out and off we go, through a dense blue-and-white labyrinth, pushing ice floes aside and marvelling at the bizarre shapes in the crystal-clear water. Everybody is in an outdoor mood when we come back, so the timing is just fine for a BBQ on the upper deck while we are gently cruising through the snow-covered Fjord. Brian and Leo, our food and ice artists, have picked a big block of glacier ice from the sea and show us in the evening what skillful hands can do with natures material. A day in the company of a glacier comes to an end.