Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sark and Guernsey

For sure, this was one of the Highlight-days of the entire voyage: For the first time since Antarctica we could use our polar-circle-boats again - and all expedition-team was quite happy about that. So, with some special expedition-feeling we visited the tiny island of Sark in the morning. And that was a surprisingly beautyful place: In a way you stepped back in time, for they have no cars on the whole little island, just using bicycles and horse-carriages. There were some nice paths along the coast-cliffs, wich offered really breathtaking views over the rough rocks and towards the other islands of this archipelago.
Normal taxi on Sark
The view from the cliffs
In the afternoon we did a landing in Guernsey, wich was a big and crowded place - compared to Sark. A lot of our guests participated in guided busexcursions, and could so get a good overview over the different types of lovely landscapes and enjoy the very british way, in wich the charming villages were built.
One of the smallest chappels in the world - and
completely covered with broken plates and small
stones - unique!